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Pea protein and soy protein difference

Apr 30, 2024

pea protein and soybeans are more common in the life of beans, both are rich in nutrients and protein, pea protein is extracted from peas in the protein, soybean refers to soybeans, the two are not the same, pea protein to be better, low-fat, drink more than do not have to worry about fat, to buy, if you want to buy to the genuine gold Royal Chi powder effect is good, the composition is pea protein and black rice powder composition, the next milk is very good. 

Soy protein is a protein product made from soybeans as loam, defatted and removed (partially) from carbohydrates. Soya protein powder is classified into three types depending on the protein content:

       Soy protein powder (soy flour): protein content of about 50-65%.

  soy protein concentrate (soy protein concentrate): protein content of about 65-90%.

  Protein Isolated Soy Protein (soy proteinisolate): protein content of more than 90%, is the purest soy protein, and remove the trypsin inhibitor in soy, will not cause indigestion, flatulence and other side effects.

  Although soy protein is a plant-based protein, but the amino acid composition and milk protein close to the nutrient-rich complete protein, is one of the most nutritious plant-based protein. It is worth noting that many foods added within the soy protein hydrolysate, just a part of the amino acids in soy protein, is not equal to soy protein, nutritional value than soy protein is much lower.

Soy Protein

  Highly efficient complete protein

  Soy protein is the most common and cheapest source of protein, and is often added to a variety of processed foods.

Pea Protein

  Vegetarian-friendly protein

  Pea Protein is a plant-based protein derived from yellow peas and is a newcomer to the scene in recent years.

  On the one hand, pea protein is lactose and gluten free, which makes it less likely to cause food intolerances, making it ideal for people with digestive problems, among other things.

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