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What is the role of sodium tripolyphosphate in food?

Apr 30, 2024

Food grade Sodium Tripolyphosphate is mainly used as a water retention agent to increase the taste of food. Because sodium tripolyphosphate has good dispersing ability, adding in dairy products can make dairy products taste more delicate and smooth. Sodium tripolyphosphate is used in the curing of raw meat for ham, add 2.2kg of No.3 mixed salt and 85g of sodium tripolyphosphate per 100kg of meat, mix well.

Cured in 0~4℃ cold storage 48~72h, the effect is good. Used in the production of canned broad beans to soften the skin. Many fruits and vegetables have tough outer skin, with the maturation of fruits and vegetables, the tougher the outer skin, in the processing of fruits and vegetables hot blanching or soaking with water, adding polyphosphate, can complex calcium, thus reducing the toughness of the outer skin.

Application direction

Sodium tripolyphosphate has chelating, suspending, dispersing, gelling, emulsifying, pH buffering, etc. It can be used as the main auxiliaries of synthetic detergents, industrial water softeners, tanning pretanning agent, dyeing auxiliaries, catalysts for organic synthesis, dispersing agents for the pharmaceutical industry and food additives. In addition to the export of STPP, the domestic consumption of STPP is mainly concentrated in the detergent industry, food, ceramics and so on.

In water treatment, it is mainly used as water softener, sodium tripolyphosphate has the performance of ion exchanger, it can generate soluble complex Na3MP3O10 with calcium, magnesium and iron ions in the water, play the role of shielding calcium and magnesium hard salts, preventing the formation of calcium and magnesium scales, in addition, because it also has the role of surface activation and a strong buffer, it can also be used as a corrosion inhibitor.

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