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What are the roles and uses of sodium alginate?

Apr 03, 2024

1、Sodium alginate It is used to replace starch and gelatin as stabilizer for ice cream, which can control the formation of ice crystals and improve the taste of ice cream.

2、Many dairy products, such as refined cheese, whipped cream, cheese, etc. Using the stabilizing effect of sodium alginate can prevent the adhesion of the food and packaging, can be used as a cover on the dairy jewelry, which can make it stable and prevent the frosting pastry from cracking.

3、Used in salad dressing, pudding, jam, ketchup and canned products of the thickener to improve the stability of the products, reduce the liquid seepage.

4, in the noodles, vermicelli, rice flour production, add sodium alginate can improve the product organization of the bonding, so that its strong tension, curvature, reduce the rate of breakage, especially for the gluten content of the lower flour, the effect is more obvious.

5, in the bread, pastries and other products add sodium alginate, can improve the internal organization of the product uniformity and water holding effect, prolong the storage time.

6, added in the frozen confectionery products can provide thermal fusion protective layer, improve the flavor escape, improve the melting point performance.

Extended information:

1, when using sodium alginate, try not to add salt, because salt will reduce the viscosity of sodium alginate solution.

2, pay attention to the pH value of sodium alginate solution. The pH of sodium alginate solution is stable between 5.0 and 9.0, too low or too high will lead to the instability of sodium alginate solution.

3, Addition of the following solvents causes precipitation of the sodium alginate solution: 20% methanol, 20% hexanol, 10% isopropanol, 10% butanol, 10% propanol, 70% glycerol, 70% ethylene glycol, 40% propylene glycol. The amount of solvents used as described must not exceed the percentage in the description.

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Sodium alginate

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