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Food Additive: Fumaric Acid

Apr 17, 2024

   Fumaric Acid, also known as transbutenedioic acid, fenugreek acid, corydalic acid, or lichenic acid, is a colorless, flammable crystal of a carboxylic acid derived from butene. Fumaric acid tastes like fruit and can be found in the genera fucus, boletus, lichen and Icelandic seaweed.

   Fumaric acid is white granules or crystalline powder, odorless, with specific sour taste, acidity is strong, about 1.5 times as Citric Acid, melting point 286-287 ° C, sublimation above 200 ° C, 290 ° C decomposition, 230 ° C and above the first transformed into adipic acid, and then the loss of water to generate adipic anhydride. Boiled with water can be obtained DL-Malic Acid. Relative density 1.635 (20 ℃), soluble in ethanol and acetone, slightly soluble in water and ether, insoluble in benzene and carbon tetrachloride, solubility in 100g of water: 25 ℃ 0.63g, 40 ℃ 1.07g, 60 ℃ 2.4g, 100 ℃ 9.8g. fumaric acid is very small hygroscopicity, and with sodium bicarbonate neutralization of the smallest amount required. 3% of the aqueous solution of the pH value of 2.0-2.5. 2.5.

   Fumaric acid has a fruity sour flavor, strong acidity, about 1.5 times that of citric acid, so a low concentration of fumaric acid solution can replace citric acid. But because it is slightly soluble in water, generally not used alone, often fish citric acid, tartaric acid compound use, can show the fruit sour flavor.

   Fumaric acid has strong buffering properties to maintain the pH value of the aqueous solution to maintain at 3.0 or so (the pH value of the aqueous solution of 2.25-2.7), which is suitable for the role of preservatives at pH 3.0 or so has a particularly important significance, so it is often used as a combination of preservatives such as one of the main ingredients. In addition, it has a weak antioxidants ability and a stabilizing effect on water-in-oil emulsifiers.

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