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Is sodium bicarbonate acidic or basic?

May 08, 2024

Alkaline, sodium bicarbonate is a kind of alkaline chemical, sodium bicarbonate is a common inorganic salt, usually white crystalline powder, also known as baking soda and acid sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate's molecular formula is: NaHCO3, usually soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol. Sodium bicarbonate is an acid salt produced by neutralizing a strong base with a weak acid, and is weakly alkaline when dissolved in water.

Physical Properties

White crystals, or opaque monoclinic crystal system fine crystals, odorless, salty taste, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol. Solubility in water is 7.8g (18C), 16.0g (60° C).

Chemical Properties

Stable at room temperature, easily decomposed by heat, rapidly decomposed above 50° C, completely lost carbon dioxide at 270° C, unchanged in dry air, slowly decomposed in moist air. It can react with both acid and alkali. It reacts with acid to produce corresponding salt, water and carbon dioxide, and reacts with alkali to produce corresponding carbonate and water. In addition, it can also react with certain salts, and double hydrolysis with aluminum chloride and aluminum chlorate to produce aluminum hydroxide, sodium salt and carbon dioxide.

Sodium bicarbonate can also be used as an industrial chemical, generally sodium bicarbonate solid temperature above fifty degrees for decomposition, generating sodium carbonate and carbon dioxide and water, in the temperature up to two hundred and seventy degrees can be completely decomposed, so the sodium bicarbonate in the annoyance of the air did not change, sodium bicarbonate can also be reacted with alkali to generate carbonate and water, but also with some salts, and aluminum chloride and chloric acid Lv reaction Generate aluminum hydroxide, sodium salt and carbon dioxide.

Uses of Sodium Bicarbonate

Usually people use sodium bicarbonate for the production of soda and bread, while sodium bicarbonate can also make fire extinguishers, can be used as butter preservative, wool detergent, but also often used as analytical reagents, inorganic synthesis, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, such as leavening agent.

Rubber industry can be used for rubber, sponge production; metallurgical industry can be used as a casting ingot flux; machinery industry can be used as a cast steel (sand) sand molding additives; printing and dyeing industry can be used as dyeing and printing color fixing agent, acid and alkali buffer, fabric dyeing and finishing of the after treatment agent; dyeing in the addition of baking soda can be prevented from yarn tube to produce the color of the flower; the pharmaceutical industry as a raw material for the production of acid agent; but also used as the wool of the It can also be used as a detergent for wool and as a seed dipping agent in agriculture.

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