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  • Food Additives EnzymeTransglutaminase-TX10 CAS 80146-85-6
    Food Additives EnzymeTransglutaminase-TX10 CAS 80146-85-6
    Introduction [Model] TG-TX10[Color] White or light gray powder.[Aroma] Has the characteristic odor of transglutaminase.                                                                                                                         [Flavor] Odorless.[Technological Characteristics] Yeast extract, glycerin, and corn flour are used as raw materials, and after biological fermentation, the glutamine transaminase enzyme is produced by filtration, ultrafiltration, elution, and freeze-drying. The original enzyme is compounded with other excipients. [Ingredients] Transglutaminase, Maltodextrin, Sodium Caseinate, Gelatin, Carbonate[Product Features] (1) Strong adhesion. The enzyme covalently catalyzed by this enzyme is difficult to break under general non-enzymatic conditions, so after treatment of the minced meat with this enzyme, it will not spread after freezing, slicing, and cooking; (2) pH stability is very high. it is good. The optimum pH of TG is 6.0 and the enzyme has higher activity in the range of pH 5.0-8.0; (3) strong thermal stability. The optimum temperature of TG is about 50°C and it has a higher activity in the range of 45-55°C. (4) The quality is stable. Advanced biological fermentation production process and raw material quality control ensure long-term stable quality supply.[Product Application] Restructured beef and pork.[Dosage] 1.00% (The dosage is based on the meat weight .) (Slurry method)[Reaction Time] It’s better to react in 4-10°C over night.1. Preparing raw material (You may carry out water rention for the meat in the tumbler)2. Preparing TG-TX10 slurry (mix TG with cold water, emulsify at least 3 minutes) (TG: WATER=1:4)3. Add the slurry into the tumbler for tumbling for at least 10 minutes.4. Wrapping5. Reaction overnight (Temparautre: 4-10°C)6. Slicing

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