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Difference between polydextrose and dextran

May 15, 2024

I. Different properties

1, glucan: glucose as a monosaccharide composed of homopolysaccharides, glucose units connected by glycosidic bonds.

2, polyglucose: a water-soluble dietary fiber.

Second, the efficacy of different

1, glucan effect:

(1) Improve the body's ability to resist viruses, bacteria and other infections.

(2) Effectively adjust the micro-ecology of the digestive tract, promote the proliferation of beneficial intestinal bacteria and excretion of harmful substances.

(3) It can reduce the cholesterol content in the body, lower the LDL content and increase the HDL content.

(4) Effectively improve the feeling of peripheral tissues to insulin, reduce insulin demand, promote the return of blood sugar to normal, and have obvious inhibitory and preventive effects on diabetes.

(5) Stimulate skin cell activity, enhance the skin's own immune protection function, effectively repair the skin, reduce wrinkles, delay skin aging.

(6) Enhance the resistance of animals to germs, promote their growth and development, improve animal performance and feed utilization.

2、Polydextrose efficacy:

(1) Reduce sugar absorption: polydextrose can hinder the full contact between food and digestive juices, inhibit the secretion of glycogen, promote the slow absorption of glucose, thus reducing the level of postprandial blood glucose, giving full play to the role of insulin and preventing diabetes.

(2) Preventing and curing constipation: Polydextrose can absorb water and expand and keep water in human intestines, keep intestinal water, increase the volume of feces, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, accelerate the frequency of defecation, and play a laxative role.

(3) Detoxification and skin care: Polydextrose can effectively regulate intestinal pH, improve the breeding environment of beneficial bacteria, and can rapidly expand bifidobacteria and other beneficial bacteria, thus inhibiting the growth of putrefactive bacteria, preventing the intestinal mucosa from shrinking, discharging toxins and metabolic wastes from the body in a timely manner, avoiding toxins from the skin, to achieve skin care and preventing diseases such as hemorrhoids, gastroenteritis, colon cancer, and so on.

Third, the application of different

1, dextran application: so widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics and other industries.

2, polydextrose applications:

(1) Noodle products: steamed bread, bread, pastry, cookies, hanging noodles, instant noodles, etc..

(2) Meat products: ham sausage, luncheon meat, sandwiches, meat floss, fillings and so on.

(3) Dairy products: milk, soy milk, yogurt, formula, etc.

(4) Beverages: various fruit juices, carbonated beverages.

(5) Alcohol: added to white wine, yellow wine, beer, fruit wine and medicinal wine to produce high-fiber health wine.

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