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Antioxidants Vitamin C Palmitate  Ascorbyl Palmitate CAS 137-66-6
Antioxidants Vitamin C Palmitate  Ascorbyl Palmitate CAS 137-66-6

Antioxidants Vitamin C Palmitate Ascorbyl Palmitate CAS 137-66-6


Ascorbyl Palmitate is a fat-soluble form of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. Unlike ascorbic acid, which is water-soluble, ascorbyl palmitate is not water-soluable. Consequently ascorbyl palminate can be stored in cell membranes until it is required by the body. Many people think vitamin C (ascorbyl palminate) is only used for immune support, but it has many other important functions.

A major role of vitamin C is in manufacturing collagen, a protein that forms the basis of connective tissue – the most abundant tissue in the body. Ascorbyl palmitate is an effective free radical-scavenging antioxidant which promotes skin health and vitality.

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COA of Ascorbyl Palmitate
Botanical Source:
Ascorbyl Palmitate
CAS No.:
Ascorbyl Palmitate Powder Form Manufacturer
White Powder
Flavor & Odor
Particle size
100% pass 80 mesh
Loss on Drying
Bulk density
Sulphated Ash
General Status


1.Food Grade: As antioxidant and food nutrition enhancer, Vitamin C is used in flour product, beer, candy, jam, can, drink, dairy products 

2.Medicine Grade: Vitamin medicines, prevent scurvy, and a various of drugs for acute or chronic infectious diseases, purpura, dental caries, gingival abscess, anemia 

3.Cosmetic Material: Vitamin C can promote collagen formation, its antioxidation, can restrain pigment spots 


1:Can I get some samples before bulk order?

Most products provide free samples, but the shipping cost be paid by customers.


2: What's your MOQ?

Normally our MOQ starts from 1000kgs,it depend on products.


3: Which kind of payment terms do you accept?

Payment terms can be T/T;LC;CAD;OA;DP and DA.


4.How to place an order?

Firstly we need to confirmed the product, price, quality and the payment terms;Then we will send you the pro formal invoice, with this you will send us the Purchase order or draft LC;After we received the deposit or confirmed LC,we started the preparation of the order.


5:How about your delivery time?

A: Generally, it will take 5 to 7 days after receiving the deposit or confirmed LC.


6:How do you treat quality complaint?

A:Firstly,our product department will control the quality possibility to 0;But if it happened, we will check the real reason and will give you the solution accordingly.

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