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  • Food Preservative Food Grade Additives Natamycin CAS 7681-93-8
    Food Preservative Food Grade Additives Natamycin CAS 7681-93-8
    Introduction Natamycin (Natamycin), also known as hamamycin or natamycin, is Streptomyces natalensis and Streptomyces chatanoogen and other Streptomyces fermentation of a polyene macrolide fungus inhibitor, is currently the only international Approved an efficient, broad spectrum, safe antifungal bio-food preservative that can be used to inhibit mold growth in molds and yeast. Products on the human body is very safe, reliable, and does not affect the product flavor. Has been approved by more than 40 countries, widely used in cheese, meat products, pastries, fruit juice, jelly, jelly, marinated products. China in 1996 approved the use of natamycin as food preservatives for cheese, meat products, Cantonese-style moon cake, pastry surface, fruit juice surface, easy moldy food processing containers surface, the residue should not exceed 10 mg.

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