Titanium Dioxide(Rutile|Anatase)

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000KGS
  • Supply Ability: 10000 MTs per Month
  • Port: Main Port of China
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
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    Purity: 99+%
    APS: 30 nm
    SSA: ~35-60m2/g
    Color: white
    Morphology: spherical
    True Density: 4.23 g/cm3 


     Classification  Titanium Dioxide  The content of titanium dioxide, %  ≥93.0
     MF  TiO2  Tinting Strength( Reynolds number)   ≥1800
     Grade Standard  Industrial Grade and Food Grade  Oil absorption, g/100g  ≤20
     Appearance  white powder  Residue on sieve, %  ≤0.02
     CAS NO.  13463-67-7  Brightness, %  ≥97.5
     EINECS NO.  236-675-5  PH value of aqueous suspension  6.5~8.5
     Application  coating, ink, PVC, paper-making  Oil dispersion( Hegman) ≥6.0
    The content of rutile,% ≥98.0 Resistivity ≥80


    1, In paint industry, It is used as white pigment and glaze of porcelain. 
    2, It can also be used as coating and filling in paper making industry to help paper to be printable and opaque. 
    3, In metallurgical industry, it can be used to make spongy titanium, alloy of titanium and iron and hard alloy, etc. 
    4, It can also be used to make nonconductor,electric welding rod and porcelain enamel.
    5, It can also be used in synthetic fiber, plastic, rubber, printing, dying, cosmetics, medicine fillings and food additives. 

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