Sodium Alginate

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000KGS
  • Supply Ability: 10000 MTs per Month
  • Port: Main Port of China
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
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    Sodium Alginate is the sodium salt of a carboxymethyl ether of cellulose, which has been partially hydrolyzed by enzymatic treatment with food-grade Trichoderma reesei cellulase. 

    Sodium Alginate is the white crystal whose appearance and smell are similar to sugar. 

    Solution Viscosity Solution Viscosity Solution Viscosity
    1% 100cps 2% 600cps 4% 20000cps
    1% 300cps 2% 800cps 4% 25000cps
    1% 500cps 2% 1200cps 4% 30000cps
    1% 800cps 2% 1600cps 4% 35000cps
    1% >1000cps 2% >2500cps 4% >40000cps


    Item The Physical and Chemical Indicators
    Vicosity(mpa.s) Low viscosity<100
    Medium viscosity 100~300
    High viscosity>300
    Color and character White to light yellow or yellowish brown
    PH 6.0~8.0
    Moisture(%) ≤15.0
    Water insoluble  ≤0.6
    Calcium ≤0.4


    In Foods,Alginate has an excellent functionality as a thickening agent, gelling agent, emulsifier, stabilizer, texture-improver (for noodles), to improve the quality of food. Nowadays, based on unique and excellent properties alginate is applied to numerous kinds of food, such as ice cream, jelly, lactic drinks, dressings, instant noodle, beer, et cetera .Safety of alginate for food applications is certified by FAO/WHO, as one of the safest food additives.



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