• Min.Order Quantity: 1000KGS
  • Supply Ability: 10000 MTs per Month
  • Port: Main Port of China
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
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    CAS No: 87-89-8
    Inositol NF12 / NF27/FCC


    Appearance: White crystal or as a white crystalline powder. It is odorless, has a sweet taste, and is stable in air. Its solutions are neutral to litmus. It is optically inactive.


    Item Test


    Test Results

    Identification (A. B.C.D): Positive Reaction Positive Reaction
    Melting range: Between 224.0 and 227.0°C 224.7~225.7°C
    Loss on drying: Not more than 0.5% 0.028%
    Residue on Ignition: Not more than 0.1% 0.018%
    Assay: Not less than 97.0% 99.30%
    Chloride: Not more than 0.005% To pass test
    Sulfate: Not more than 0.006% To pass test
    Calcium: Passes test To pass test
    Heavy Metals (as Pb): Not more than 0.0025% To pass test
    Iron Not more than 0.0005% To pass test
    Total plate count: Not more than 1,000cfu/g 68cfu/g
    Mould and yeast: Not more than 100cfu/g 10cfu/g
    Colon bacillus: Absent Absent
    Salmonella pr.25 gram: Absent Absent
    Mesh: Regular Mesh
    Manufacturing Date: MAY.24, 2009
    Expiry Date: MAY.23, 2013
    Conclusion: The goods are complied with NF12


    Food Industry

    Can be taken directly or used as nutrientdrinks or nutrient agent of food for children. It may stimulate themetabolism of human body,such as Red Bull.

    Feed Industry

    Used for culture of various strains and promotion yeast growth.As a feed additives, not only increase growth rate, but also avoid the most common inositol deficiency of shrimpand fish.

    Fermentation Industry

    Used for culture of various strains and promotion yeast growth, prevention of skin-aging and hair loss.

    Health Products Industry

    Used for hepatoprotective, lipid- lowering, weight losing, trichomadesis reducing, ect. Hepatoprotective and weight losing works remarkably. For example, Amway.

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